Health & Wellness Education: What is it and why is it Important

Think about those time’s when you were getting married, or you were planning for a kid, or you are already pregnant, or any of your family member is going through a specific medical issue, you would have gone through various websites and magazines to get information and you find a term health education or health literacy.

That certainly piques your curiosity! You’ve never heard the term before, but it sounds like something you should be aware of. After all, you’re a dedicated parent or a person who’s always on the lookout for ways to keep your family and yourself healthy.

So, what is health education? Although the phrase might be new to you, the idea behind it has an important impact on your health and wellness. We rounded up all the information you need to understand health education and to take control of you and your family’s well-being.

What is Health Education?

Can I ask you a question, are you a health literate? Are you an individual who has an ability to “Obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health Information and services. Just like reading literacy gives you skills to understand and use written information, health literacy refers to the skills you need to understand and make decisions about your health. Being educated about health allows us to make the best decision regarding our health.

Its not about patients only, it goes beyond patients. “Its an ability of patients, caretakers and family members to understand what doctors and other health care providers are communicating.

The Importance of Health Education?

We always rely on Doctor’s isn’t it? We all think its Doctor’s duty to make health care decision for us. But the truth is that healthcare decisions need to be collaborative. And if there are barriers to communication, that collaborative ability breaks down.

Health education skills can help the patients to take care of their Own well being By making great or smart healthcare choices , We need to be in constant communication with doctors or health and Wellness advisor by giving them the information they need.

A lack of health education can have consequences on patient’s personal health. On an individual level, “a person may not understand essential things such as how and when to take a prescribed medication, how to know when it is appropriate to go to the emergency room rather than a primary care doctor or how to explain signs and symptoms they are experiencing.

Take charge of your health and wellness

Its all about you, your own self, nobody else is responsible for your health. Communication is the key factor. As an Individual need to understand when to go with google suggestions or a suggestion from a friend and when do you need a expert advice.

Expert advice is always advisable as the human body is a complex gadget on the earth and also one of the amazing gadget which has an ability to thrive by its own for a longer period of time although it may not get a proper fuel.

Having said that human body is losing its longevity due to enormous changes in the lifestyle and eating habits, Its time to take charge of our own health.

Steps to take care of your own health : STEP 01

Understand your current health situation, if you have multiple health issues, you should analyze which is critical and require immediate action, at same time take care of other issues not to aggravate while fixing the critical issues.

Suggestion would be to go for a complete health checkup once in 6 months and understand what is going on within your body? What action is required immediately? What fix is available for non-critical issues etc.…

Example, if you are over weight and has also knee pain, your first priority should be to treat obesity and shed that extra weight which is causing knee pain before treating your knee pain with pain killers or by any knee replacement surgery.

Another example could be of high cholesterol, you take medication for high cholesterol but do not change the food habits will not take you anywhere, the first action is to change the food habits and to keep the cholesterol in control and through medication bring it down and then again maintain at normal level by eating right.

This is why we say health education is important, you should know what action is needed when so that health issues can be treated in right way. Book a Free Consultation now with

Steps to take care of your own health : STEP 02

Once you understand where you are, what is going well, what is not going well, next step is to see what options are available in the market to fix the issues.

Do not search for generalized options available in the market, it may not help you, every human body is unique due to different factors like, heredity, life style, mindset, region of existence, food habits, sleep pattern etc.….

Go for a expert advice who can give you specific advice for you which suits your life style rather than give you a general advice.

Health is a life long journey its not a one time effort, just like you do your corporate job or business every day, just like you brush your teeth everyday, just like you take bath everyday, your health need attention everyday.

Just like you service your car and bike every 3 months, you need to go for check up every 6 months and fix things which are not doing good. Book a Free Consultation now with

Steps to take care of your own health : STEP 03

Now that you analyzed and understood what is wrong and what has to be fixed your next step is to take continuous action and be consistent.

Action gives results, there is a saying “No PAIN NO GAIN” unless you take action you cannot get results.

Taking action is the toughest part especially when you are alone in the journey, that’s why most of them quit the journey towards great health. This is when the community comes in to picture, choose a community where you can nurture yourselves and stay in the journey forever.

We in our community help people to take action by motivating them by being an example of great health, we have people who are consistent in workout, healthy eating habits and great mindset who can help you to make this health journey fruitful and enjoying.

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